Design Objective: Create a design that represents North Carolina for the 2021 SkillsUSA state-wide competition. If chosen, this design will be produced in the form of an enamel pin for the SkillsUSA national competition and traded with other states for their design.

Design Brief: North Carolina is, among many other things, resilient and steadfast. The main focus of this design was to represent NC in a way that shows where she came from. This pin represents North Carolina through the design of a permanently docked Battleship in Wilmington. This battleship was used in World War II to defend the country as a protector of aircraft carriers. She also later served as a training vessel for the United States Navy. As a major player in the war, the battleship survived and was returned to her home state in 1962 and is now a state memorial to WWII veterans. This pin design has a unique feature with the addition of an anchor showcasing the competition year attached by a real chain. This secondary element has a pin of its own that can be placed alongside the larger battleship pin when worn. Like North Carolina, this ship has stood the test of time and is recognizable to many who live here. The battleship stands for community, strength, and endurance. We are an old state with an extensive history that has shaped us into the fearless people we are and this pin design is truly reflective of all that North Carolina is today.