Design Objective: Create an appealing magazine cover for Print Magazine showcasing the main inner article using three to five photos for a composite. Using typography and visual hierarchy, create the layout for the given article. In the layout, include a sidebar and a pull quote related to the article given. All imagery should be cohesive and enhance the article enticing readers.
Design Brief: A magazine layout was created using the article titled "Machines Might Actually be Better than Humans at Creativity", which is about artificial intelligence. The imagery used draws on technology and electronics. The photo composite created for the main image inside the article, and the cover of the magazine, is a robot hand and a human hand reaching towards each other. This motion is meant to resemble The Creation of Adam painting. This ties back to the article title as well comparing the action of the robot to an artistic activity such as painting. All other imagery included relates to technology and has been manipulated to fit the chosen color scheme.