Design Objective: Create a branded product line that contains a series of at least two products. This company product line must include a logo, and a color palette, along with two accompanying patterns. Create the dielines for the packages, and build the prototypes. 

Design Brief: Honos Golf is a golf company that derives its name from the Roman god of military virtue and it is where the word honor comes from. This name evokes a feeling of regality and sophistication. The logo is an eagle in profile with a golf club resting diagonally across it; a laurel wreath surrounds the full logo with the logotype underneath. This design pulls from the symbols associated with the deity. A simplified version of the logo was required to be used on products such as golf shirts, gloves, and the golf balls sold in the package. The packaging line showcased are performance-based golf balls in a three-ball golf box. Each package has the same layout, but certain box elements are different colors. The "Pro-Control" ball is accented with purple, while the "Long Distance" ball is accented with green. The front of the package has a die-cut window for the balls inside to show through. This gives the boxes an interactive element as well as shows the design of each ball. The patterns used in conjunction with these products have an elegant feel to them. They are geometric in nature and interlock with one another. These patterns are used on the inside of the package with colors that correspond with the product inside.