Design Objective: Research a graphic design legend and create a custom folded print piece as an informational tribute. This brochure design should showcase the designer's work and use corresponding graphics, type, and color palette to their known style. Research and write about their career and contribution to the industry. 

Design Brief: Susan Kare is the graphic design legend who created icons for the original Macintosh computer in 1984. She started her career at Apple in 1983 as a screen graphics and digital font designer for “The Computer for the Rest of Us” as it was called. Not long after starting her career at Apple, she was promoted to Creative Director of Apple Creative Services. Her original marketing materials are still used in many computer graphics tools such as the Lasso, Grabber, and Paint Bucket Tools. Susan’s influence on the design world paved the way for modern iconography in the digital age. This brochure shows the use of her iconography in its original form and also as it stands today. The front of the brochure shows Kare in 1983 working at Apple surrounded by her revolutionary designs at the time, while the back shows her most recent photo and icon designs taken from her current website. The fold also uses repeating square motifs to tie back to the pixel-based icons from her career with Apple.