Design Objective: The Advertising and Graphic Design (AGD) Program at Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC) is determined to rebrand the program identity. This update includes a new logo, newly branded collateral, a new recruitment package, and a rebranded space. The design required incorporating the predetermined “AGD green” color but may include new colors.

Design Brief: The newly rebranded logo incorporates a geometric typeface to signify the structure and organization of a left-brain thinker. While the slightly offset line work represents the creative right-brain thinkers, both logical and creative thinkers thrive in the program. The tagline chosen for this rebrand is “Design, Develop, Deliver” and is the basis for the corresponding graphics. The tagline ties back to the creative process the program follows as well as the three stages in which students participate in the program: a first-year student, a second-year student, and alumni. This progressive development is further represented through the rebranded icons that all mimic the triangle shape and share the color palette of the rebranded logo. The image of a triangular ruler is used to represent “Design”, a pen tool for “Develop”, and a paper airplane for “Deliver”.